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The Garage 

We offer complete privacy in a downtown urban enviroment. You will see no other people in the Garage. We can hook you up with great guitar techs and repair services, if you need it. We are walking distance from the "Rock & Roll" Days Inn at Diversy and Clark. In the summer there is a nice backyard and grill available. In the winter there is snow. We are near many resturants, Chicago Music Exchange, Wrigley Field, The Lincoln Park Zoo, Metro, and Lake Michigan. We can get food delivered in an hour (till 5am) and probably get anything else a big city has to offer within 24 hours notice. Cool bars such as Delilah's and The Lincoln Tap are within walking distance as is a 24/7 diner. We also offer a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom room upon special request and approval by Holly. 

Jay's Garage provides a "world class" signal path for recording guitars, bass, vocals, and other insturments in Protools 10HD. We also provide "world class" guitars of all kinds, combined with "world class" guitar amplifiers and a large selection of EFX pedals. You will find Barefoot studio monitors along side a Dangerous Audio monitor ST and Dangerous 2-Buss summing mixer, Neve 33115 and GML mic pres, Teletronix LA 2A, Distressor, Neve 33609 Stereo compressor and Warm WA76 compressor. We have microphones ranging from a vintage Neumann U47 to Royer, Shure, Beyer, Sennheiser, Avantone C12, and lots of funky mics. We have D.I., reamping, and Spliters by Radial, Avalon, Jester, AMB Tube. We will cut drums and have the mics for it., but it will be in an "iso both style" and we will tell you not to expect a large room sound on those tracks. It is a great sounding room, and you will get great sounding drums. We have 8 in 16 out max. We can also suggest great studios in Chicago to track drums with a great "room sound" if that is your thing. Our thing is overdubs. 
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